26/zář/2014 – Táňa DluhošováVeřejná přednáška

Přednáška v Olomouci I: Prof. Huang Chu-Ren, 17. října, 2014


Prof. Huang Chu-ren (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University):

Corpus-based Grammar: How to make sense of widely distributed data in the use of Chinese

Venue: Trida Svobody 26, Olomouc, Room 3.45

Time: 10:00 – 11:30



When learners of Chinese as a second language are told to learn Chinese grammar by reading a good grammar or by following good examples; their complaints are typically that they cannot find a good comprehensive grammar; or that they do not know how to find the good examples or how to infer grammar generalizations from these examples. I will try to address these issues in my talk. I will first introduce a new Chinese Reference Grammar to be published by the Cambridge University Press; outlining its content as well as the criteria we followed to write this grammar: corpus-based, theory-neutral, as well as succinct and comprehensive generalizations to cover as much linguistic facts as possible. On the other hand, to address the issue of how to learn grammar by example, I will introduce a few accessible Chinese corpora as well as corpus-based tools, and illustrate how corpus with its multiple examples can help us form generalizations about how language is used and to ‘learn’ rules about the grammar of Chinese.

Vybraná literatura

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Korpusy a jiné zdroje

Tato přednáška je sponzorovaná projektem CHINET, který je financován Evropským strukturálním fondem a rozpočtem ČR.